Upzelo recommends using our official Shopify App for installation of your Cancellations flow into the Recharge Subscription Management Portal: https://apps.shopify.com/upzelo

Our App:

  • Enables instant installation of Upzelo, without the need for a developer to write or place any code snippets.

  • Is tried and tested by Shopify, and meets all performance, security scores required to be featured in the app store for merchants.

  • Is only used for adding the implementation script to your theme, in a way where it can also be easily configures and / or removed.

  • Allows the Upzelo team to provide updates to our implementation without involvement with your technical team.

  • Keeps the billing of your Upzelo account on the merchant bill, with Shopify.

If it’s not possible to install the app in your store, then you can do this manually in your theme.

Insert into your theme.liquid, just before the closing </head> element.

You’ll need to fill out the 2 parameter’s, which you can access with your Upzelo account at: https://upzelo.com/app/developer/api-keys

{% assign subscription_id = request.path | split: "/" | last %}
{% assign hash = subscription_id | hmac_sha256: [[UPZELO ACCOUNT API KEY]] %}
  <script id="upzpdl" src="<https://assets.upzelo.com/upzelo.min.js>" appId="##{{ [[ UPZELO ACCOUNT APP ID ]] }}"  defer onload="initUpzelo()">
  <script defer type='text/javascript'>
    var subscription_id = window.location.pathname.split('/')[6];
      var initUpzelo = function() {
            customerId: null, 
            selector: 'button[data-subscrition-cancel], button[data-title=Cancel], button.bsub__alert-btn', 
            hash: '##{{ hash }}', 
            debug: false, 
            mode: 'live', 
            type: 'full', 
            provider: 'recharge', 
            subscriptionId: subscription_id
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