At the time of writing (January 2023), Woocommerce offers two types of support for recurring payments. Upzelo is able to offer plug and play support for the in-built subscriptions method via an integration with the subscription provider you choose to connect with Woocommerce Payments:

- Stripe

- Recurly

- Recharge

- Chargebee

Comparison of Woocommerce subscription payment methods:

In-built subscriptions, within Woocommerce Payments

- Link to article:

- Supported by Upzelo

- Subscription data stored in subscription management platform such as Stripe.

- Only available currently to US-based Woocommerce merchants.

Woocommerce Subscription Extension

- Link to article:

- Upzelo only supported via Custom API integration.

- Subscription data stored in Woocommerce extension.

- Available worldwide.

For more information about integration your Woocommerce subscription extension data with our Custom API, visit our Developer docs.

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