In order to add a cancellation flow to the Woocommerce account pages, where your customers can choose the cancel their subscription you'll need to implement follow a few simple steps.

Step 1

If you haven’t already the simplest way to add the Upzelo embed script to your Wordpress site is to install a plugin, such as Or, if you're using child themes to make direct customisations you'll need to add our snippet just before the closing </head> tag.

Step 2

Copy the snippet found inside Upzelo > Setup Retention. The snippet includes your account’s App ID and shows you where you’ll need to map the customer's ID so that Upzelo can recognise your customer / subscriber and launch a personalised cancellation flow.

The subscription _id, which you can pass to the customer_id variable might be revealed in the URL or by a Woocommerce variable in your account pages, depending on your setup you will need to complete this step.


Step 3

Paste the snippet into the HEAD area of the header footer plugin, and be sure to map the customer_id from Woocommerce subscriptions. It’s only required that the customer_id is available on the page where your cancel button launches Upzelo, but the snippet should be integrated across all pages on your site.

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