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If you are using Stripe, Recharge or Recurly's 'test mode' or 'sandbox' accounts, you can connect them to your Upzelo account. This will allow you to create and publish flows to your test environments, without making any changes to your live website.

To connect with your 'test mode' go to Upzelo's Connections screen, in Settings. From here you'll be able to select your subscription platform and enter your Test Mode API Key. You'll be asked for API keys, then you'll be asked to test the connection. Once the connection has been successfully made, Upzelo will import your test customer, product and subscription data.

Once you've connected to your test mode you will be able to switch back and forth between modes by clicking on your business name in the top right of the screen.

Remember that any offers, surveys, audiences and flows created in your test mode are purely for testing purposes and will not appear on your live website. Anything you wish to appear on your live website, must be created in your primary subscription platform account.

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