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Connecting your customer support tools
Connecting your customer support tools
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Upzelo can help you create a detailed picture of which customers are providing the highest lifetime value, by generating customer scores. Upzelo's customer scoring system looks at a number of factors including how many times a customer has used your support channels.

When evaluating lifetime value (LTV) a key indicator can be the amount of your support team's time, each customer has used. Upzelo uses counts of chats and messages to inform your customer scores, offer richer insights and create targeted audiences.

To connect your customer support tools go to the menu in the top right of your screen, select Connections. When you select a support tool a new window will open and you'll be asked for login details to authorise the secure connection.

Once you have entered your details and approved the connection, you'll be brought back to Upzelo.

You don't need to do anything more after this. Upzelo will load new data from your connection periodically, where the is an exact match between the email address of the contact and subscriber.

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