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For Upzelo to process cancellations and offers, it needs to connect to your payment processor. Today Upzelo connects with Stripe, Recharge, Chargebee and Recurly.

Upon successful connection, Upzelo will:

  • Sync your customer data.

  • Sync your active and inactive subscriptions.

  • Sync your products, price variants & existing coupons.

  • Automatically setup Webhooks (Stripe only) for real-time synchronisation.

When you select your subscription engine you'll be asked for your API key in order to link your account. You can click the "log into my account" button for a shortcut to find your API keys in your Stripe account, or for Recurly / Recharge find them yourself in the developer connections or integrations area.

Once you have retrieved your key, please enter them and click "Test Connection". If your connection is successful, you will see "โœ… Connected" and be asked to verify some final business information to proceed to the next step. Here, you can override the account name that we've imported from your payment provider for use inside Upzelo.

After you have entered your key and confirmed the connection you will be taken to the Upzelo dashboard where your data import will have started. You will be alerted when the import process has completed.

If you'd like to connect a subscription engine, other than Stripe, Recharge, Chargebee or Recurly, please contact our support team.

Which payment provider would you like to connect?

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