When you install the Upzelo app in your Shopify store it works like most Shopify apps and embeds elements into your website’s code, so it can appear as an overlay in your theme.

You can activate, deactivate, preview, and customise the Upzelo app code through your Shopify theme editor, in your Shopify admin panel.

In Theme Settings > App Embeds, on any page inside the Theme Editor you will see the Upzelo app embed block. This is the only block installed into your theme by Upzelo and is used to initiate a cancellation flow from your subscription cancellation button.


Configure functional settings for the app embed block

You should only edit the Upzelo app embed in your theme editor for testing purposes. There are two configurable items within the block:

  1. Mode. Set this to "Test", in order for the cancellation flow in your store to process test outcomes into Upzelo and your connected payment provider. This is set to "Live" by default.

  2. Debug mode. Check this to enable developer information to appear in the browser console. An Upzelo representative may ask you to set this temporarily when troubleshooting an issue with your cancellation flow.

All editing of offers, surveys, audiences and customer flows can be completed from inside your Upzelo account.

Any custom elements you choose to create in your theme editor may effect the functionality and accuracy of Upzelo.

What does the Upzelo app add to my store templates?

The app embed block is added to all templates in your store, including your "Manage subscriptions" pages in the customer "My Account" area.

When you install Upzelo in your Shopify store it simply places a secure script which initiates Upzelo on your storefront theme. Plus an object for the script to safely identify customers and their subscriptions. It then adds a pre-loaded cancellation flow modal window, on the manage subscription page only. Finally a secure key is stored on Shopify servers, that is passed to Upzelo, in order to verify any subscription updates.

How to activate and deactivate app embed block?

You can activate / deactivate the Upzelo in your store any time by toggling the app embed block on or off inside Theme Settings.

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