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To connect your Salesforce account to Upzelo, select "Connect" from the Connections screen.

In order to direct you to the right account you'll be asked for your Salesforce sub-domain. This is usually your account name in Salesforce e.g. if your account were then you'd simply enter upzelo

From here you'll be directed to Salesforce. If you're not already logged in you'll usually be asked for your Salesforce login details.


Once you have entered your login details you'll be prompted to allow the connection. Simply follow the instructions to complete the connection.

You will be re-directed back to Upzelo and data will automatically start flowing data from Salesforce into your Customer value scores, so you can create more accurate Audiences.

Connection delays

On some Salesforce accounts there can be a short delay when forming a connection. This usually happens when a Salesforce account is new or unverified and it can also happen if your Salesforce account has a high number of other apps connected.

Once the connection has been fully completed a green tick will appear. This can take up to 5 minutes in extreme cases.

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