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To share performance updates and alerts you can connect your Upzelo to your Slack account.

This works fantastically for sending direct messages to you or into a Slack channel of your choice. Within Upzelo's Performance screen you can select Alerts to set which alerts you'd like to receive.

Start by using the menu in the top right of your Upzelo account. Then select Connections and scroll down to select Slack.


When you select Slack you'll be directed to If you're already logged in you'll be asked to confirm which account you'd like connect.

Like all Slack apps. will be asked to confirm the connection.


Once you have followed the instructions on Slack you will be redirected back to Upzelo and your alerts will automatically start appearing in your Slack account.

Alerts will be shown in the Upzelo app, in your Slack app's left menu.

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