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With Zapier you can easily automate tasks by moving data between multiple apps. You can integrate with apps like Mailchimp, Airtable, Google Docs and Asana.

It’s great for feeding customer activity into your marketing tools. So next time a customer is saved, you can send that data right into your CRM tool and target them with a new campaign to ensure they remain happily subscribed.

Upzelo’s new Zapier integration is also great for connecting to your data dashboards. You can take data from cancellation reasons, save rates or offer tests right out of Upzelo and into Business Intelligence tools like Databox, Geckoboard or even Google Analytics. And the best part is you can do this without ever having to call for developer help or edit code.

Connecting Upzelo to Zapier

Use the menu in the top right of you Upzelo account and select Connections.

On the Connections screen scroll down Zapier and press Connect.


You will see a popup on the screen, which includes your App ID and your API key. You may need to copy and paste these later, so leave the popup window open.

From here you'll be directed to Upzelo's app page on

If you're not logged in to your Zapier account, you'll be asked to do that before you can connect. Once you're logged in to your Zapier account, simply follow the instructions to Connect.

Adding your App ID and API key


You may be asked to provide your App ID and API key to continue. If so, both can be copied from the Connections screen in Upzelo, when you press Zapier.


Copy and paste each code into the Zapier window and press continue.

Creating your first Zap with Upzelo

Once you have connected your Zapier account to Upzelo you're ready to create your first Zap.

Simply search for Upzelo in App Event field on your trigger to begin.


From this point you can select any number of actions and apps to connect.

Happy zapping!

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