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End screens: What are they, and how do I customise them?
End screens: What are they, and how do I customise them?
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What is an end screen?

When a subscriber is presented with a retention flow, they will start that flow with an expectation of completing a task. For example, where a subscriber has clicked on a 'Cancel my account' button, and an Upzelo cancellation flow is launched the subscriber is intending to cancel and Upzelo will attempt to prevent that outcome.

In order to ensure an optimal customer experience, Upzelo keeps the subscriber informed about whether that intended task has been processed or not with end screens you can customise but not remove, in the right places.

2 Types of end screen are shown in a flow:

  • Save end screens are only shown when a discount, or billing offer is accepted by the subscriber to confirm the change to their account.

  • Cancel end screens are only shown when a subscriber reaches the end of a flow, having completed or declined all steps, to confirm the change to their account.

For non-offer types of action, the flow will be closed if the subscriber accepts the step. For example, where a deflection is "accepted" by the subscriber, Upzelo will record the subscriber as "saved" in the live feed, and the flow will close, allowing the subscriber to continue the session in their account. The same applies for support links and the final "Are you sure you want to Cancel?" step at the end of every flow.

An example flow with a survey, deflection, link and offer would behave as follows:


In the instance where a flow is being used in a "freestanding URL", when the flow is closed, a "Please close this window" message will be displayed to the user.

What end screen templates does Upzelo provide?

Upzelo provides one save message and one cancel message end screen in every new account. You can use these to get you started while creating a flow.


Both include some pre-filled text for guidance, but you can change it to suit your needs.


How do I customise my end screens?

Inside the end screen you are able to customise the heading and saved message that the subscriber will see. Inside the saved message you are able to apply dynamic parameters that confirm information to the subscriber about the changes they've accepted, and have been or will be applied to their account.


The main consideration when customising your end screen is that it may be shown for one of 2 types of offers:

  • Discounts (fixed amount, % or free period)

  • Billing (pause, plan switch trial extension).

To help with this, the [offer_text] dynamic parameter can be inserted into the saved message text in any place, and you can customise the text around it. The [offer_text] parameter will output a fixed description of the offer. Here's all the possible variations of that text:

a 3 month pause

a billing period for free

3 billing periods for free


a trial extension lasting 7 days

a 20% discount on your subscription forever

a 20% discount for 1 month

a 20% discount for 3 months

a 20% discount on your next bill

a $10 discount on your next bill

a $10 discount on your subscription forever

a $10 discount for 1 month

a $10 discount for 3 months

reactivation of cancelled subscription

Using our sample above, your subscriber would see in the end screen, after accepting a 20% offer for 3 months:
We've applied a 20% discount for 3 months to your account.

You can also use other parameters in your end screen to confirm extra details such as the [offer_applied_date] to let the subscriber know about the changes made their account as a result of accepting an offer in your cancellation flow.

Finally, you can add a button to end screens in order to guide your subscriber back to their account, for example. You will need to include a complete URL, for Upzelo to redirect the subscriber's browser to when clicked. When not providing a button, the subscriber can still exist the flow by clicking outside of it.

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