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Intercom: Starting a Support Chat with an Action
Intercom: Starting a Support Chat with an Action
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There are 2 simple steps required to setup a basic support chat action, that triggers an Intercom chat.


Select a "Chat to Support" action from the Actions library, and complete the template with a heading and introduction.


Within the URL field, complete the url of your platform cancellation URL (where the flow is run from), and add on the end a trigger query that Intercom can look for in order to initiate a chat.



Within your Intercom account, create a Chat, Post, Tour or any "Outbound" message that you would like to start from your Upzelo "Support" Action.


When the subscriber clicks the button to 'Chat to support', a new window will open and an Intercom prompt to chat will launch with your message. You can optionally configure this with any message template, layout or outbound message type.


Next Steps:

If you would like to go further with enabling Intercom and Upzelo to work together to retain customers, you can install the official Upzelo for Intercom app in the Intercom App Store.

With the app installed within your Intercom workspace, you'll be able to use these Upzelo events generated by the behaviours of a subscriber in a flow to build outbound messages and more complex campaigns:

Started Subscription Cancellation
Subscription Cancellation Abandoned

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