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The Customer flows section is where you can put together your actions, with your audiences to create cancellation flows for your customers. There’s lots of ways to customise your flows to suit your business and customer needs. Here we will look at creating a basic flow with a single offer.

Flow name: This name is for your own reference and won’t be shown to your customers.

Flow design: Choose a custom design for this flow, or keep the default design.

Select an audience: pick which customers you’d like to target with this flow. You’ll see that you can only select audiences that aren’t used in other flows.

Pick a survey: pick a survey to present to your audience, when they start their cancellation flow. If you don’t want to collect any data on why a customer is cancelling, you can switch this off and your customers will automatically skip over the survey. You can also choose to randomise the order of responses shown in your survey each time it is shown to a subscriber, to evenly distribute lazy responses in your reporting.

Choose type of offer: pick which tactic you’d like to use to retain customers. For a basic flow you can pick a discount. If you don't want to make any offers to retain your customers you can choose a deflection, or support option.

Pick your offer: now you simply select which discount you’d like to present to your audience, after they’ve had a survey. If you don't see the discount you'd like to use, please return to the Actions screen and ensure you have saved your custom discount offer.

Set your end screens: there are two types. One for customers who take an offer to stay and one for customers who chose to cancel. Before you can publish your flow you must set an end screen for each type. Note. The "Retained" End screen is only shown when a subscriber accept a discount or billing type offer.

If you'd like to check the customer flow you've built you can preview it.

When you're happy with your customer flow you can either save it without publishing -when you do this it will be saved in your list of flows and it won't be visible to your customers - or you can publish it and it will immediately be live on your website.

For more information and subscription experience customisation options, see Flow variants.

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