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Audiences enable you to target specific types of customers, at various stages of their subscription lifecycle, with different experiences. Each audience you create is made up of different conditions and values to determine which of your customers fit into each audience.

You can create as many audiences as you like, in your account.

Customers may match more than one audience, based on the conditions you choose. In this case, the Audience priority system, chooses right audience match when the customer interacts with the flow.

To get started, click on Create an audience inside the Audiences section.

The Create Audience screen allows you to define which customers should be included in the audience and preview a sample of those customers in the right hand side when you're ready. You can preview a sample multiple times until you are ready to save your audience.

Audiences have one required condition "Subscription status". You must select 1 or more for each audience, before you can sample and save for use with flow.

Audience conditions

Based on which Subscription provider you have connected to Upzelo, a number of conditions will be available. Check here for the complete list of audience conditions by payment provider.

  • Plan: Selects customers with a particular plan e.g. premium subscriptions. You can select as many different types of plans as necessary.

  • Billing interval: The frequency of a customers subscription e.g. weekly, monthly, annual are typically used.

  • Subscription age: How long a customer has held their subscription for. You may want to target new customers differently to longstanding ones with discount offers.

  • Customer location (Stripe only): The country and state (If USA) of the customer's address. Upzelo looks at the shipping address first. If it's blank, it uses the billing address.

  • Subscription metadata (Stripe and API only): Here's where you can use custom data to build an audience. Any "metadata" from keys and their values can be referenced in this condition. For example, you might label all a set of your customers as "Type > VIP". In which case you would add Type into the Key input, and VIP into the Value input to target these customers in an audience.

  • Active coupon (Stripe only): Where are customer has a subscription with a coupon already applied, or an offer accepted you can build an audience to specifically target them. This helps when controlling the experience of a customer returning to cancel after accepting an offer the first time around.

For each condition you select you will need to state a value or value range. For example if you create an audience based on subscription age, then you will need to pick which age range you'd like to target with your audience. The range you pick will determine the size of your audience.

You can include as many conditions as you like. Save rates can be drastically improved by personalising the experience as much as possible to a subscriber's needs and behaviour.

Once you have saved your new audience you can use it in your flow(s).

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