Creating audiences is a way to target specific types of customers, with different experiences. Each audience you create is made up of different conditions and values to determine which of your customers fit into each audience.

You can create as many audiences as you like, however audiences can only be used in one flow at a time.

  • Audience name: This name is for your own reference and won’t be shown to your customers.

  • Audience condition: There are four different ways you can create an audience. Each way uses different data-point from your customer:

  • Plan type: Selects customers with a particular plan e.g. premium subscriptions. You can select as many different types of plans as necessary.

  • Billing interval: The frequency of a customers subscription e.g. weekly, monthly, annual

  • Subscription age: How long a customer has held their subscription for.

Customer score is how high (or low) they score using Upzelo's customer score system.

For each condition you select you will need to state a value or value range. For example if you create an audience based on subscription age, then you will need to pick which age range you'd like to target with your audience. The range you pick will determine the size of your audience.

You can include as many conditions as you like, however the more specific your audience, the smaller it will be. Before you save your audience you can view the size of it.

Once you have saved your new audience you can use it in your flow(s).

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