Your performance dashboard is where you can view all the important data on how Upzelo is performing. It's updated in real-time, so you can keep track of what is happening in your cancellation flows.

All of the data in your dashboard runs for the last rolling 12 months, so you get a full year's view.

The dashboard features data from the following areas

Cancellation reasons

This is a summary of the response categories selected by your cancelling customers. It's broken down to percentages, so you can see the primary driver for your churn rate.

Test performance

If you have created and published a flow which includes an offer test, then the performance of those tests will be shown on your dashboard. Only live tests will be displayed on your dashboard.

Your save rate

Your save rate is the percentage of cancelling customer who chose to stay, when they are presented with an offer. Your aim is to keep the save rate as high as possible. Our industry wide data shows that an average save rate is 35%.

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