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Surveys are typically placed as the first screen a customer will see in your flow, when they begin the cancellation process. This is where your responses will be presented and you can capture the reasons your customers are considering leaving.

Creating a new survey

You can use the Upzelo starter survey, which is made of the most common cancellation reasons or you can create your own surveys.

Surveys can be published in your Customer flows. You can use each survey, in as many customer flows as you like.

Survey name: This name is for your own reference and won’t be shown to your customers.

Survey introduction: This text is to introduce the survey to your cancelling customers. As you write your introduction you can see how this is shown to your customers, in the preview panel. To keep the survey nice and concise it is limited to 250 characters. This introduction can include dynamic text elements such as your customer's name, subscription plan or your business name.

Adding responses: You can add responses to your survey from the ones you have created. You can change the order of your responses by simply dragging them up the list. To remove a response from your survey, simply click the 'delete' icon next to each response.

We recommend no more than 6 responses, but you can add more if necessary.

Response categories

Extensive research has shown that customers typically cancel subscriptions for one of six reasons. To make things easier for you we have used these popular reasons as response categories. This allows you write responses tailored to your business, whilst keeping your cancel reason data as clean as possible.

Product issue : when a customer is not happy with the product or service they have received. This is often an indicator that something in your marketing material has lead a customer to believe they would receive something different.

Unwanted : when a customer no longer needs their subscription. For business subscriptions this can indicate that the needs of their business have changed or are not being met by your product. For individual customers this can indicate that their subscription is no longer relevant to them, for example they no longer have a pet to feed or they no longer wish to drink alcohol.

Price : when a customer can no longer afford their subscription. When your customers select 'price' as a reason for cancellation it can be an indication that either competitors are moving in with lower prices or that they don't see the value in the subscription they are receiving.

Technical issues : when a customer has had problems using the product or service you provided. For software subscriptions this can be an indicator that your technical support tools need to be improved. For subscription boxes this response can be an indicator that the instructions were not clear enough. For e-commerce (household items like cleaning products) this can be an indicator that your products are reaching your customers in a faulty state.

Support issues : when a customer has not been satisfied by the level of support they have had. This is often an indication that your customers have not been able to reach your support teams or use your support tools. This is most often selected when a customer has some unresolved issue with their account. These customers can often be saved by reaching out directly.

Shipping : when a customer has not received the items they've subscribed to or they have received them in a damaged state. This can be an indicator that your delivery partner or service has created issues or that your packaging solution is problematic for some customers.

Writing a response

Responses should be as concise as possible. Customers wishing to cancel have considerable momentum and like to move quickly through these steps, so try to keep responses as clear as possible. Try to avoid including "other" as a response as this will not provide any data for you and your team to work with.

When you have finished creating your survey you must save it, to use it in your flow(s).

Editing a survey

If you want to change any of your surveys you can simply click the 'edit' button and change the name, introduction and responses. As soon as you save your changes it will update in your flows and the changes will be live to your customers.

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