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When a customer starts a cancellation flow on your site, Upzelo displays the flow content based on the audience they match.

Sometimes a customer can fit into multiple audiences and sometimes a customer may not fit into any of your custom audiences. So every audience has a priority level. The priority order determines which custom audience is selected first.

You can change the priority order of your audiences at any time, by simply picking it up and dragging it up or down your list of custom audiences.

If a customer does not match the first audience condition, they will move to the next and so on, until there is a match.

If one of your customers does not fit into any of your custom audiences, then they will fall into the default 'All customers' audience. The All customers audience cannot be deleted or edited as this acts as the fallback for your custom audiences.

Each time you create a new audience it will be added initially as the lowest priority.

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