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The live stream is your view of customer activity with your flows. You can see when customers start, complete and abandon flows. You'll also be able to learn what they were shown, how many steps they completed what audience they were matched with.

Expand each row to deep dive into the activity:

Flow and State

The flow column displays the flow that was chosen to display to the customer. You can also expand the row and see which audience they matched with.

The state column represents the customer's state at the time of the flow started. This may now have changed, since the flow was complete. For example, in the above screenshow the State of the customer was Pending at the time of the activity because they had previously accepted and offer and were coming back to a flow. Reviewing the state of the customer at the time of the flow can help to understand how customer's might be returning to the cancellation button after offers or deflections save them for the first time frequently, and Upzelo can help you deploy tactics relevant to their second visit to the cancellation experience.

Activity filter

Choose only the type of activity you'd like to analyse and the list will refresh.

Export to CSV

The export feature allows you to externally analyse the activity data for your flows. Select export to CSV and filter by the date range of activity your would like included in the export.

The export is not filtered by activity type.

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