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Offers are the tactics you can use to save cancelling customers. You can create as many offers as you like and use an offer in as many flows as you like.

Creating a new offer

Offer name : This name is for your own reference and won’t be shown to your customers.

Survey introduction : This text is to introduce the offer to your cancelling customers. As you write your introduction you can see how this is shown to your customers, in the preview panel. To keep the offer nice and concise it is limited to 250 characters. This introduction can include dynamic text elements such as your customer's name, your company name and offer information such as new price, current price and next billing date. This information can be used to highlight how your offer is valuable to your subscriber.

Type of offer : You can pick from different types of offers, these include discounts, time without paying, pausing or switching plans.

Discounts can be a percentage (e.g. 50% off) or a fixed amount (e.g. £20 off). Where a fixed amount is chosen, a value must be provided for each currency where subscribers exist. Both discount types can be applied as 'one-time', 'forever' or 'repeating'. Some examples may include:

  • 10% off your next bill

  • £30 / $35 off your next 3 bills (Subscriber will see only their own subscription currency)

  • 5% off forever

An amount of time without a fee gives customers the chance to continue their subscription without paying for a short period of time. When creating a new offer you must select the amount of time you'd like to give away for free e.g. free for 3 months.

Pausing a subscription for a period of time allows your customers to take a break and then automatically continue. This can be a very powerful tactic when retaining customers. To create a pause offer you must select the amount of time to offer e.g. pause your subscription for 2 weeks.

Finally, offering your subscriber the opportunity to switch plan may be used effectively to align an offer with a survey response that is not monetary. For example, you may offer a lower frequency delivery plan or feature tier that would suit their usage better at this time. In this case, select the price variation of the plan from the dropdown. Additionally, you can select whether to apply a pro-rated charge immediately to the subscriber's bill. If you do not select this, the plan switch will occur at the next bill date.

Once you have saved your offer you can use it in your flow(s).

Editing an offer

If you want to change any of your offers you can simply click the 'edit' button and change the name and introduction. Once an offer has been created you cannot change the type of offer.

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