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Performance alerts is where you can manage data sent from Upzelo, when you receive it and which channels you'd like to receive it on.

Performance digest

Your performance digest is a regular email that brings you the highlights of your most recent performance. It includes the top reasons for customer leaving, the amount of flows delivered, customers saved and revenue saved.

In the alerts area you can switch your digest off, so you don't receive it. If you choose to switch it on you will receive your next digest at the start of the following month. (Upzelo sends all Email Digests on the 1st of every month).

Performance alerts

Your performance alerts are realtime updates of your customers' activity. You can choose to receive alerts each time a customer is saved or a customer cancels.

In the performance alerts area you can switch off and on each of these performance alerts and you can choose if you receive them by email or slack message or both.

Receiving alerts by Slack

If you choose to receive alerts by Slack, then you'll need to connect your Slack account. You can do this in the Connections screen (found in the menu, on the top right) or you can connect your Slack account by simply turning any of the Slack alerts on.

When connecting your Slack account you will need to provide the URL of your Slack channel (e.g., your Slack username and password. Once you have connected your Slack account you can choose which of your Slack channels you'd like alerts to appear in.

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