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Using cancellation end screens to your advantage
Using cancellation end screens to your advantage
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Upzelo's cancellation flows create fantastic opportunities for gathering insights and saving customers, however the step that is often overlooked is the confirmation messages.

Upzelo customers are seeing increasing levels of success by adding richer messages to the very end of their Customer flows.


Two great examples of powerful confirmation messages include returning discounts and restart links.


#1 When you're building your Cancel end screen, don't overlook the opportunity to underline your brand promise. For example offering a discount code to anyone who wishes to restart their cancellation in the future has shown to create an additional 14% return rate.

#2 Perhaps most surprisingly data has also shown that up to 4% of customers may restart their subscription within 24 hours of cancelling. As counter-intuitive as it may seem there may be commercial benefit in trying out a 'resubscribe' call-to-action within your cancellation message.

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