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Saving customers with a plan switch
Saving customers with a plan switch
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A highly effective way to retain customers is to offer them an opportunity to change their subscription.

In many instances customers will attempt to cancel their subscription, when they aren't fully aware of alternative subscription plans.

To tackle this you can build Offers that focus on moving customers to a different subscription plan at the point of cancellation. Let's take a look at how this works.

Start by opening your Actions tab and creating a new Offer.


In your new Offer you can follow the usual steps by writing a heading and introduction, then scroll to select your Offer type and select Switch plan.


If your business is set up with multiple subscription tiers (i.e. free, basic, premium), you might want to consider create an offer to move to each of them.

To complete your new offer select the plan you wish offer customers. In this example we'll take Basic plan).

Once you have saved your Offer, head over to your Customer flows tab. Create a new Customer flow and in the Offer type you can select your new switching offer - this works particularly well with customers who give "too expensive" as their reason to cancel.


If you want to create an even more targeted experience you can create a new audience for subscribers on your higher cost plans and ensure only they see offers to switch down.

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