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Find out which Offers save the most customers
Find out which Offers save the most customers
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Not sure what to try next to save more customers and reduce churn? Upzelo can help you find out, using only a small sample size of your overall cancellation sessions. Once you've identified an offer that performs better than your baseline, it's easy to switch it to to be shown to improve the save rate for 100% of your customer's.

It's simpler than it sounds!

We recommend trying this out on the "Upzelo Starter Flow" already within your account. Here you can switch the Offer Type to "Test Offers", and set your original offer as "Test A" and a new offer as "Test B". Sending only only 25% of cancellation sessions to the new "Test B" offer, will allow enough sessions for a fair test.

Now hit Publish and Upzelo will begin serving your 2 offers to 75% and 25% on cancellation sessions.


You can review the progress of your test at any time on the Performance dashboard.

Once it's clear which Offer saves more customers, simply Unpublish the flow, and switch it to the best performing offer, then republish.

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