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Cancelling your Upzelo account
Cancelling your Upzelo account
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Oh! Well this is awkward.

Of course we've made it simple and delightful for you to cancel your Upzelo subscription.

All you need to do is click the menu in the top right

Select Settings from the menu

Go to the Account settings section and click cancel subscription.

If you complete your cancellation you will be moved to our free plan, at which point your flows will be unpublished and your Upzelo cancellation flows will not be live to your customers.

Before you do this make sure the 'cancel subscription' button on your website, no longer includes the Upzelo tag, otherwise none of your subscribers will be able to cancel.

Re-subscribing to Upzelo

If you'd like to re-subscribe to Upzelo at any time you can log in and restart by returning to the Settings screen, going to the Account settings section and changing from a free plan to paid plan.

Deleting your account

To delete your account and all of the associated data you can contact our support team who will process your request to remove all of your account information for you.

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