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Implementing Upzelo when you're using a 'Hosted checkout'
Implementing Upzelo when you're using a 'Hosted checkout'
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Why use Upzelo vs. Payment Provider Default Cancel Option?

Customer Experience - Launching the cancellation flow within your app, not taking them to the Self-serve portal is a better experience for the subscriber of which you have more control over.

Optimal outcomes - By launching a cancellation flow, that is specifically targeted to the subscriber with an offer, pause or deflection is far more likely to save a customer than taking them to the self-service portal where they can see all subscription management options such as pause, delay, cancel, switch plan etc.


If you're using a hosted checkout or self-serve subscription portal page provided by your subscription provider, you won't have access to directly insert a cancel button or customer flow.

The recommended method for the best possible customer experience is to make a simple change to your subscriber's journey - by placing a 'Cancel my subscription' button on the page where you currently link to the hosted checkout.

For example:

  • On your settings/billing page (of similar), you probably have a "Manage my plan" button that links to the Self-Serve portal.

  • Next to, or somewhere on this page depending on your design, add a "Cancel" button or link that opens an Upzelo flow within your platform.


You'll also need to turn off the capability for users to cancel inside the self-serve portal. This can be done in the configuration area of your subscription provider:


Settings > Configure Chargebee > Checkout and Self-serve portal:


Settings > Billing > Customer Portal:


Configuration > Hosted Page Settings > Account Management Pages:


Storefront > Customer Portal > Cancellation

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