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What is a default flow, and when does a customer see it?

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Upzelo takes great care to ensure that what your customer sees when they try to cancel their subscription, is the best possible experience. There are a few reasons why a customer would not be served one of the flows in your account. In which case, the customer will be shown a "Default flow". The flow has 1 step, and simply confirms if the subscriber would like to cancel.

The default flow is still branded using the "Default design", inside your account.

When a customer cancels in a Default flow, the cancellation will not be automated to the subscription provider. This is to protect against the possibility of an incorrect outcome being applied to a subscription.

You can see the manual processing actions you'll need to apply manually to customer's subscriptions in your payment provider, in our Requests screen.

Why would a customer see a Default flow?

In just a few cases, Upzelo will ensure the customer is not aware that anything is wrong, by simply asking them if they want to cancel.

  • Customer doesn't match any audiences. Customer is unassigned.
    If an audience doesn't exist that contains conditions to match the customer, then they'll see a default flow to cancel.

  • Customer has already accepted an Upzelo offer.
    If a customer has been to a flow before and accepted a Discount, Pause, Plan change or any other "Saved" action against their subscription, they won't see another flow.

  • Multiple active subscriptions found. No subscription_id sent.
    If the customer has more than one active subscription, Upzelo doesn't know which one to process and so a Default flow is shown, which can be processed manually via the Requests section. We strongly recommend sending the subscription_id in your implementation if you have multiple active subscriptions for customers.

  • No matching Customer ID found.
    Where a customer_id has been sent that has not been synchronised by Upzelo to your account, a Default flow is returned and an email sent to the main account user's email address to notify of the issue, and to process the cancellation manually.

  • Your Upzelo account has no remaining sessions in this billing period.
    Finally, if you Upzelo account has reached 100% of it's session limit for the current billing period, then your customer's will still be able to cancel but won't be served any offers and you'll need to process them manually with your subscription provider.

Why do I see Unassigned customers in my Audiences?

With Audiences, you can target customers right down to individuals with an offer, message or subscription update.

Sometimes, it is possible for subscribers to not be assigned to an audience, for example you might have an audience for each plan setup, but some subscription statuses are not covered such as: Expired, Past due or Incomplete.

In this case, you will see a number of customers remain "Unassigned Customers" at the bottom of the Audiences screen.

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