Retaining customers with non-monetary offers

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Deflections are powerful tactics that can help you retain customers who are considering cancelling their subscriptions. With deflections, you have the flexibility to create multiple types and utilize them across different customer flows.

Creating a New Deflection

Deflection Name: This name is for internal reference purposes and will not be visible to your customers.

Deflection Introduction: This text serves as an introduction to the deflection for your customers. As you craft the introduction, you can preview how it will be displayed to customers. To keep the deflection concise, the introduction is limited to 250 characters.

Type of Deflection: You can choose from various types of deflections, including a basic message, testimonial, list item, support & knowledge-base links.

Once you have saved your deflection, you can incorporate it into your customer flows.

Editing a Deflection

If you need to make changes to any of your deflections, simply click the ellipsis and then select "edit".

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