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Implement Upzelo without the need for a developer

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Integrating an Upzelo flow into your platform or site will provide the best possible user experience. But sometimes, this isn't an option due to resources, or system limitations. That's where our URL-based no-code flows do the heavy lifting for you.

- Validates the subscriber is who they say they are, for you.
- Provides a branded experience.
- Gets you up and running in instantly.

When will my subscriber see a no-code cancel flow?

  • When you send them your customer portal URL e.g. [brand-name], or if you operate a branded URL.

  • When you implement Upzelo as a script without including the hash, or even without including the customer_id.

What steps will my subscriber see?

When a subscriber opens a no code cancel flow, they will identify and verify themselves with the following steps before starting the flow.

#1 Subscriber enters their email address, related to their subscription:

#2 Upzelo emails the subscriber with a verification code. The email is sent from "" and is branded in the same theme are your flow design:

#3 Subscriber enters the verification code from the user, to continue:

The subscriber is now validated and will see the first step in the flow. All flow outcomes such as cancellation, pause or applying a discount will be automated back to the Payment Provider API.

Disabling the no code verification

If you would like to process outcomes manually via Requests and notifications, you can disable the verification process in Settings > Processing behaviour.

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