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Customising the subscription experience for returning sessions

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By default, Upzelo will not present an offer or any custom flow content to a customer who has already accepted or cancelled. This prevents the customer from receiving a duplicate experience if they return.

For example, when a customer cancels their subscription or accepts a discount offer due to be applied at their next billing date, Upzelo will only show the default flow.

In order to provide control over the experience for a customer's returning sessions you can customise flow variants for each flow inside your account.

Typically, the first time a customer visits they will see a survey, and an offer. We refer to this first flow as the base flow.

The second time they return, the flow they will receive depends upon the action they took in the first session. In the customer watchlist, activity feed and customer directory, you will see each customer has been tagged with a state which signifies the action taken from the first or last visit they made to a flow. Here's what each state represents:

At risk - They started the flow but did not complete an action.

Pending Save - They accepted an offer or deflection during the first session, but the next bill date has not yet been reached.

Pending Cancel - They cancelled during the first session, but the next bill date has not yet been reached.

Paused - They paused during their first session, and the pause end date has not yet passed.

Lost - They cancelled during the first session, and the next bill date has been reached with no bill sent. So the cancellation is now complete.

Saved - They accepted an offer or deflection during the first session, and the next bill date has been reached. The subscription remains active.

For each state, a flow variant is possible. This allows the content that a customer sees when they are in a specific state to be personalised. You can see each variant, for each state can be selected in the sidebar when creating or updating a flow.

You can customise the flow content for as little or as many states as you like. If a variant is not enabled, the customer will see the default flow.

Our "Offer escalation" flow template is an excellent example of how to use flow variants to manage the subscription cancel experience

Inside the Flows section of your account, select Create a customer flow and choose the Offer escalation template. You'll see the contents of the base flow on the right-hand side, and that this template includes custom variants for all other watchlist states as variants.

Once installed, you can click through the variants in the side bar to see the template content. Make any changes that you'd like, and then select 'Save variant' to save your changes or 'Save and continue' to save your changes and move to the next variant.

Once you're happy with the content of your variants, you can activate them with the toggle at the top, before selecting 'Save variant'. Active variants are shown by a green check.

Finally, to publish your flow for customers to use you can return to the base flow and select 'Publish'.

After doing so your flow will show a flashing green indicator, that it's live to customers assigned to the corresponding audience.

You can return at any time and make changes to the Base flow or its variants. Just be sure to select

The subscriber would receive the following journey, by publishing this flow template.

On the first attempt to cancel: Survey -> 10% offer
If the offer is accepted: Back so soon? We've applied a 10% offer to your account.
If they cancel and return before the cancel date: Changed your mind? Reactivate
If they are saved and return after the next billing date: New survey -> New 10% offer

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