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Creating a Qpilot API Key

Upzelo recommends that you connect Live and Test Qpilot sites to Upzelo and Upzelo Test mode.

Retrieving the API Key in both Test and Live Qpilot accounts

Navigate to Sites > Apps and select "Connect" on the "Upzelo" app.

Now choose "Add Upzelo to your site", choose your site and you'll be shown 3 fields:

- Qpilot API Key - Copy this key into the API Key field found in Integrations > Qpilot inside your Upzelo account. This will sync your subscriber data.

- Upzelo App Id / Upzelo retentionAPI - Copy this id and retentionAPI key from your Upzelo account. This helps Qpilot to identify your Upzelo account. You can find both inin Developer > retentionAPI.

Once you have completed filling in the keys, choose "Update". Upzelo and Qpilot are now connected and ready for you to start saving customers.

To connect a "Test site", you can repeat the steps above choosing your site in Qpilot, and entering the keys into Upzelo > Qpilot > Test mode.

In Upzelo you can switch between the Live mode and Test mode any time in the main menu:

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