Customer scores

Upzelo's customer scoring system is a real-time, data driven view of your customer's lifetime value. By calculating key data such as product holdings and subscription age Upzelo provides you with a new level of understanding of which customers are providing the most commercial value and which customers are costing your business.

The scoring system is a displayed as a simply 0-100 score. The higher the score, the higher the lifetime value of that customer.

Customers with low scores are typically those who have already accepted a discount, use the cheapest subscription or have been subscribed for the shortest time.

If you have opted to share your customer identifiers with Upzelo and connected your customer support tools (such as Intercom and Zendesk) then Upzelo's customer scoring system will take into account how many times each customer has used your support channels to determine their score.


Score based audiences

When creating a custom audience you can chose to target customers by their scores. Simply select the customer score condition and adjust the range of scores.

If you'd like to create an audience targeting your customers with high scores, then select range from approx 75 to 100. Equally if you'd like to target customers with low scores, then select a range from 0-25.

Your default 'all customers' audience will not use scores and act as a fallback for any of your customers that don't fall into your score based audiences.

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