Getting Retention set up on your website


Ready to integrate Upzelo in your site or application?

Follow the “Setup Retention” link within your account, where you will find our Freestanding experience guide, and Integrated experience guide.


Which experience should I choose for my site / application?

Upzelo offers two ways to launch a retention flow, you can use one or both depending on the tactic, goal or customer decision point of your retention campaign.


Integrated experience

The integrated experience is our most popular and most secure option. It creates a modal window inside your website, for a seamless customer experience. 

There is some code work required to get the integrated experience set up. If you need help with the code work. you can invite teammates to this screen or you can copy your code snippets directly from the set up screen.

We have also created technical documentation over on Github.

This option is great for teams with custom technology and access to developers.


Freestanding experience

This opens your Upzelo cancellation flow in a new browser window. There is no code required to set up the freestanding experience. Upzelo creates a custom URL, which you can link to from your 'cancel' button or share directly with your customers. 

The design can be customised, like the integrated version, however it will not automatically process cancellations, offers and account changes for you.

It's a great for testing out Upzelo.






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