Confirmation messages

Confirmations are the messages you will share with your customers at the end of their cancellation flow. There are always two types of confirmation messages, one for customers who have been saved and one for customers who have cancelled.


Creating a confirmation

Name : This name is for your own reference and won’t be shown to your customers.

Type of confirmation : You can pick from the two types of confirmation. Save messages to confirm that the offer has been taken and their subscription will continue. Cancel messages to confirm that their subscription will end.

Message text : This text is to confirm the next steps for a customer. To keep the message nice and concise it is limited to 250 characters. This message can include dynamic text elements such as your customer's name, your company name, the subscriber's plan and their cancellation date, so you can provide confirmation of their cancellation.

Including a link : You can chose to include a button on your confirmation message. Simply add the URL where you'd like the button to direct customers and write a label to the appear on the button. As you make changes to the button the preview will be updated.

Once you have saved your confirmation you can use it in your flow(s).


Editing a confirmation

If you want to change any of your messages you can simply click the 'edit' button and change the name, type and message. As soon as you save your changes it will update in your flows and the new message will be live to your customers.

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