Connecting Chargebee

Creating a Chargebee API Key

Please note that at this moment in time, the Upzelo / Chargebee integration supports the latest Chargebee Product Catalog 2.0 version. If you would like to use Upzelo to retain customers with your Chargebee account you need to upgrade to Product Catalog 2.0 before entering your API key into Upzelo.

Navigate to Settings > API Keys and select "Add API Key"




If you are planning to save customers and automate cancellation / save actions with Upzelo 'Retention', then Upzelo requires either a Full Access Key, with relevant permissions, listed below.



With the 'Full-Access Key' option selected, you can specify to create a 'Write key' with all permissions that Upzelo needs to read subscirption data and write subscription updates and coupons to your account:



Finally, copy the key into Upzelo. You'll also need the Site name, which can be found in the highlighted proportion of your Chargebee portal URL:




Setting up Webhooks for real-time sync

Upzelo requires a webhook to be setup in Chargebee so that Subscription changes are kept synchronised in real-time and customer flow outcomes are processed for subscriptions immediately.


You can find the connection details needed inside your Upzelo account:
Endpoint Name: Upzelo
Endpoint URL:


Navigate to Settings > Webhooks and click "Add Webhook"


Apply your Webhook Name and URL, and set "Exclude card information from webhook call", leave everything else as default.



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