Connecting Stripe

Creating a Stripe API Key:

Navigate to Developers > API Keys:

mceclip12.pngIf you are planning to save customers and automate cancellation / save actions with Upzelo 'Retention', then Upzelo requires either a Standard Key or a Read/Write key with relevant permission, listed below.


Select 'Create secret key' to create a simple standard key with all permissions that Upzelo needs to read and write to your account:


After giving your key a name such as "Upzelo Key", copy the key from the following screen into the Upzelo setup screen to validate the connection.



You may wish to provide only the following minimum read permissions when using Upzelo Analytics, and then upgrade your key (or provide a new key) with write access when trying or subscribing to 'Retention'.

Minimum Permissions / Scopes Required for Stripe Restricted Key   Analytics Only
Analytics & Retention
(Read and Write)
Core → Charges   Read Read
Core → Customers   Read Write
Core → Events   Read Read
Core → Products   Read Read
All Billing Resources   Read Write
All Connect Resources   Read Read
Webhooks-> Webhook Endpoints   x Write

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