Connecting Recharge

Creating a Recharge API Key:

Navigate to Apps > API Tokens and select 'Create an API token'.



Set the required permissions for the new key and click 'Save'.



You must select 'Yes, grant access' on the following warning in order to create the key. Upzelo requires write access in order to apply offers to subscriptions when they are saved, as well as cancelling subscriptions when the customer is lost:


You may wish to provide only the following minimum read permissions when using Upzelo Analytics, and then upgrade your key (or provide a new key) with write access when trying or subscribing to 'Retention'.

Minimum Permissions / Scopes Required for Recharge API Key   Analytics Only
Analytics & Retention
(Read and Write)
Orders   Read Write
Discounts   Read Write
Subscriptions   Read Write
Payments   Read Write
Customers   Read Write
Products   Read Read
Store Information   Read Read

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