Connecting your Woocommerce Subscription Data


At the time of writing (September 2022), Woocommerce offers two types of support for recurring payments. Upzelo is able to offer plug and play support for the in-built subscriptions method via an integration with the subscription provider you choose to connect with Woocommerce Payments:

- Stripe

- Recurly

- Recharge

- Chargebee


Comparison of Woocommerce subscription payment methods:

In-built subscriptions, within Woocommerce Payments

- Link to article:

- Supported by Upzelo Insights and Retention

- Subscription data stored in subscription management platform such as Stripe.

- Only available currently to US-based Woocommerce merchants.


Woocommerce Subscription Extension

- Link to article: 

- Upzelo Insights and Retention only supported via Custom API integration.

- Subscription data stored in Woocommerce extension.

- Available worldwide.


For more information about integration your Woocommerce subscription extension data with our Custom API, visit our Developer docs.


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